Appliance Repair Bermondsey


Book Appliance Repairs Services in Bermondsey With Confidence

Once a machine goes out of guarantee, you might fear that arranging appliance repairs in Bermondsey could get complicated or leave you open to large bills. Now there’s a way to keep things simple, and costs predictable. If you have any of the appliances listed below you can get a repair service. The age, make or model of the machine doesn’t matter.

Repair Services for Your Domestic Appliances in Bermondsey

Book a qualified service engineer to complete repairs on any of the following:

  • Washing machines When the door won’t close, the drum doesn’t fill with water, or you have any other problem.
  • Dishwashers All kinds of mechanical and software problems resolved.
  • Washer dryers From replacing pumps to changing seals, all kinds of repairs are completed.
  • Tumble dryers – Common faults include problems with the thermostat, sensors or belts.
  • Electric ovens – Broken controls fixed, thermostats replaced and any other oven problems remedied.
  • Fridges and freezers – Whether it’s a broken fan, a failed seal, or a thermostat that’s not keeping temperatures constant.
  • Cookers and hobsBroken knobs, failed elements or other faulty parts changed.

What Your Service Engineer Will Do

The first stage is always to diagnose the fault. This will be done by a combination of listening to your description of how the appliance is behaving and by examining it carefully. Fault-finding could involve using electronic testing equipment or could be a purely physical process:

  • Once the fault has been diagnosed your technician will complete the repair needed, there and then if possible
  • Engineers travel with a large selection of often needed components so common problems can be resolved in one visit
  • Other times it will be necessary to order a spare part – when possible your technician will tell you what this will cost immediately.
  • In other instances, the part may need to be researched, in which case you’ll be informed by email as soon as the price is confirmed
  • At this point you decide whether the repair is cost-effective – your engineer will give an opinion on this if you’re in doubt
  • Once the repair is complete your appliance is tested to make sure it’s working properly

Eliminating Uncertainty About Bermondsey Appliance Repairs

Fears about ending up with large bills or doubts about the quality of workmanship can be barriers to booking domestic appliance repairs in Bermondsey. In this case, there’s no need to worry:

  • Your initial charge covers all labour, even if your technician needs to visit more than once to complete your repairs
  • Your service is always provided by a qualified and experienced service engineer
  • All labour and any spare parts supplied are guaranteed for a period of one year

Getting a Quote for Your Appliance Repairs Services

Call us anytime on 020 7846 1652 – you’ll always be directly connected with a member of our customer advice team:

  • Your quote for your appliance repairs in Bermondsey will be based on the type of appliance, the model and your location
  • Go on to book an appointment if you wish – there’s no deposit to pay
  • Booking slots are available from early morning through to the evening six days a week
  • Should you need to cancel or change a booked appointment there’s no cost when you give 24 hours’ notice or more