Appliance Repair Bermondsey

Oven Repair

The Best Way to Book Electric Oven Repair in Bermondsey

Whether you’re having a problem with your oven, cooker or hob, getting the fault diagnosed and arranging your oven repair in Bermondsey is as straightforward as making one call.

A Bermondsey Repairs Service for All Brands and Models of Electric Ovens

Your technician will work on any type of electric oven and carries the spare parts needed to complete many common appliance repairs in a single visit. Get a service for any of the faults listed below or any other problem with your cooker:

  • The oven door isn’t closing or the seal has been damaged
  • Your oven isn’t getting hot, or is getting too hot
  • The fan isn’t working or a light isn’t coming on
  • Control knobs are broken or missing
  • The fan, thermostat or any other part needs to be repaired or replaced
  • The door glass is broken or any other component is damaged
  • Any of the elements or hob plates aren’t coming up to temperature

A Systematic Approach to Your Repair

Your technician will send you a text around 30 minutes before their due arrival time, just to confirm that they’ll be with you as expected. On arrival your service engineer will:

  1. Run any diagnostic tests that are required to identify faults and, of course, take note of your description of what’s happening
  2. Identify the fault, and if possible complete immediate repairs
  3. Tell you if replacement parts need to be ordered and what these will cost – either immediately or once the price has been checked
  4. Give you a written report which will include information on work done, faults identified and the cost of any needed parts
  5. Advise you if the cost of the parts needed is likely to mean that replacement is a more cost-effective option than repair
  6. Arrange a second visit to complete the work if there are parts to be ordered
  7. Check the oven once the work is done to confirm that it’s now fully functional

Pay a Fixed Labour Charge for Bermondsey Oven Repairs

Even if your work takes longer than normal, or more than one visit is needed you’ll pay the same flat rate for your work. That’s just one of the benefits our customers enjoy. Others are:

  • The confidence that comes from knowing that your work will be completed by qualified, insured technicians
  • Reference-vetted workers, who arrive in uniform so they can be easily identified
  • A full one year guarantee on all labour and any parts supplied

Get a Price for Your Repairs

Getting a price and booking a repairman for your cooker, hob or oven repair in Bermondsey is very easy:

  • Use our 24/7 support line to get in touch – tel. 020 7846 1652
  • Get an immediate quote – based on the make, model and type of appliance
  • Confirm your preferred appointment time – technicians are available from 8 am through to 7 pm Monday to Saturday